Thursday, December 17, 2009

Please pray for Sandy and her dog. (Softy)

An Update on Softy please continue to Pray those who are. Thank you.
Here is the Update!

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to email back! L
The truth is, I was very depressed. Softy did have cancer on his spleen & they told me he’ll have 3-12 months to live. I couldn’t move bcuz we had to watch him like a hawk to make sure he kept absolutely still – his platelets were still very low & they were very concerned about internal bleeding. I’m trying to have faith about it, but it was very hard at first. I wasn’t eating, so I lost a bit of weight & I’m sure lowered my immune system, so, of course, I got sick again. A very weird, & painful, series of problems. Still, please

pray for Softy that the cancer will never come back. My mother's cat had a blood clot in his heart, which travelled to his leg, & they said that he had a 5% chance of survival, but he’s a bona fide miracle & he’s fine now. I need the same miracle for Softy, so please keep praying.
God bless!

I have another request for a friend and her dog. Both seem to have a lot going on. Her dog (Softy) means a lot to her. I will her explain the rest in 2 parts. I had asked her if she wanted me to send this out. She said yes please. After all that is why we are here. To Pray for one another. Even for pets if it is asked. To most they are part of the family.

Here is what she asked.

I'm sorry to ever1 that I'm never on here, & never write, but there is always some crazy things going on in my life (& I've been struggling for some time now with reoccuring illnesses like severe bronchitis, swollen lymph nodes which are incredibly painful & makes me unable to move my neck, sever migraines).
Still, it's terrible of me to come on here just to ask for prayer, but, please, please pray for my dog, Softy. He just had to have his spleen removed due to 2 tumors which were sent for biopsy. Please, please pray that they will be benign (no cancer) and that he recovers very well from his surgery. He is the sweetest dog you'll ever see - soooooo loving & so good and I love him desperately! I beg you, if you pray, to just say a few quick prayer for him.
Thank you so much!

Then the update today

Just to update you, Softy had his spleen removed, yesterday. I won't know if its cancer for another few days (I am so afraid bcuz he means so much to me - he is such a sweetheart!). His red blood cell count is still low, but its been coming up (from 24 - 32%), thank God! They say the next week is critical because his count was so low & his platlettes are low, but he's home and seems to be doing really well (altho he is soooo tired).
I would appreciate any and all prayers - the Lord has already taken him safely thru the surgery, made sure there were no other tumors, and raised his red blood cell count & I am soooooo greateful!
Thank you so much for writing back!
God bless!

Thank you all so much for your prayers.
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Prayer for a couple of families.

A Good friend of mine in Maryland asked me if I could help pray for the families of these 2 who have died near his home. He knows them very well and all this hit in just a very short time. The second one was his neighbor. Both of these families are not going to have such a great Christmas this year. They all really need our Prayers.

Thank you all very much. Here are the articles.

Thomas Andrew Hardman, 14, of Taneytown, died unexpectedly Thursday, Dec.

Amel Gonzalez, 50, of Taneytown, died Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009,

Thank you all for all of your prayers. May God bless you.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Prayer Update for Rebbeca

If your not sure what happened. A great friend of mine in Illinois had a situation shortly after the shots is daughter had. She is doing much better now. This is what he sent me. God is good.

Rebecca is working two or three days a week and just a few hours at a time ,her employers are understanding .I thank God and prayers that are being lifted up on her behalf .She is able to raise hers arms ,where before she could not bath herself or even dress herself ,now she can. The nurse at the RA specialist said that she was very surprised that Rebecca had not gained alot of weight and her blood pressure was normal . Her family doctor was also surprised that Rebecca was doing so well and glad to hear that she was excercising for strength. Thanks Dan for posting our prayer request and all that have and are praying , God bless and multiply to you !!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Prayers for my Mother

As some of you know we have recently found out that my Mother may have an early case of Alzheimer's and it seems to have gotten bad enough to not be able to keep up with bills and such. As much as I would love to go back home to help take care of all this, the money and the work let alone a place to live out there is just not affordable still.

It really amazes me how there can be no jobs and yet still charge over 1300 bucks a month for a place to live. It's outta hand.
Anyway, being that my mother is having a hard time with all this so is my dad. I really would like to have your prayers in all this. It's a hard situation for all us, and it's seems communication with my own sister is far and beyond talking too. About anything.

It's seems that no mo matter what, I'm going to be clueless as to the truth of what is really going on out there. I do have the hope of my Brother and his Wife to help me know more as it goes on, But, There is a lot more to it. I mainly would love to have your prayers going out for my mother and that this somehow does not get any worse.
And for myself as well for a sound mind as all this continues.
Thank you all so much and may God bless you all.