Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Need your prayers

Prayer Requests for us and people we know. Please check back for the Bold print to see updates.

The Past few days of this week. I have been getting several Emails and Phone calls of people asking for Prayer do to the Swine Flu. So far they are just riding it out doesn't seem that serious yet. But there are several cases developing. Please keep them in prayer.

One of my friends Tracy asked for prayer for her daughter Breanna, I think thats spelled right.. She was just told by her doctor that she has the Swine Flu and it just a mild case not the deadly one thank God. Please keep them in your prayers. They are all taking medicine for it as a precaution as well. Thank you soooo much for your prayers. God bless you.

I was asked from a man for prayer in this area. His Name is Jon, and really needs God to move. Here is his message.

Please pray for my family , my marriage , money situation, that wife and son will go back to church redeadicate to the Lord.
Also career and job change that I..m able to play full -time Christian music

Just got a new Prayer Request from a friend of mine. She really would love as many who can pray to pray for her.
This is what she sent me.

Hi Everyone -

For over a month now I have been going to the doctor to have moles removed and two of them are on my leg and one on my stomach! I have to go see an Ongologist for tests (pet scan) to see if the one on my stomach has spread to any other parts of my body. So I am asking for a prayer for healing and if that is not God's will, that I am sent to the right doctors so they can help me get rid of this awful disease.

May God richly bless you.

Love and blessings,

Praise Report. God is good. My ankle though still trying to work it all out, it does seem to be healing to the point where I can walk around the store which is very cool.
My wife got her other job back which is more like being around family now. We are both soo happy about that. She will have some looong hours coming up but at least it's not Manual Labor. Praise God. He answered a lot of prayers here. We are slowly getting back on our feet again. Just taking some time. But we are much better off than we were just a month ago. God is Awesome. Thank you all and God bless you.

If you feel lead in any way to help us out here Please buy a CD a song. Or you can even donate something if you don't like our music. lol
Right now CDbaby is out of our CD's until we can afford to send more.
But we do have some here at home. Paypal is the best way for us.

Go here to see what we have.

Another friend of mine has asked for prayers as well.
This is what she wrote.

And another friend of mine.
New Update! Jito and his Daughter.
Our prayer request is from 1 Peter 1:7 . That the genuineness of Rebecca's faith,being much more precious than gold that perishes,though it is being tested by fire,may be found to praise,honor and glory at the revelation of Jesus christ.

Finally I have my suspicions confirmed. After all the tests the doctors determined that Rebecca has Lupus after first thinking it was Rheumatiod Artritis . Good news though ,today a pastor friend friend of mine originally from Kenya came to visit us. Rebecca was sponsoring a child from Africa and this pastor came to pray with us for Rebecca as he is from the village from where that child is from. Rebecca was in school but when she came home she told us that she felt so much better and when my wife told what pastor Joshua said and prayed my daughter began praisning God and thanking Him. Keep us in your prayers for the complete victory,thank you brother for your support.God bless and prosper all your family. :)

She goes to the doctor The 3rd od Sept. He diagnosed RA(arthritis) . She has struggled with inflamation in her arms and joint pain and extreme fatigue.The plant where my wife worked has closed down so her insurance will expire in a month. I always believe that God has a greater purpose in everything!! Thanks for asking bro. :))

He wanted me to have you all pray for him. Goes by Jito, for him and his family for finances and his daughter. His daughter started having some dizzyness and feeling tired all the time nausea, many other symptoms and just hasn't been feeling good at all for awhile now. She is only 17 and they are still waiting on test results. Keep her in prayer for a full healing please. I will keep you all updated as I hear as well.

(Last Update) on Jito's Daughter.
He said this to me.
Thanks Dan! Today the doc told us that Rebecca was negative for mono although she did have it briefly before and negative for Lupus but that she was positive for inflamation caused by Rheumatiod Arthritis and possibly by some Psoriasis .We want to take her to another doc before we allow her to take any meds. We appreciate all the prayers. :))

Thank you all so much for everything. You are all Awesome. God bless you.

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